Bulletin de veille stratégique PyroCO2 #1

Les émissions de CO2 industrielles qui étaient auparavant considérées comme des déchets sont désormais utilisées pour fabriquer de nouveaux produits, dont beaucoup à haute valeur ajoutée et ces nouvelles technologies prennent de l'ampleur.

Publié le 02/02/2022 à 18:57


Climate change is one of biggest challenges of our century. A simple google search on the subject shows more than 754,000,000 results showing the interest of today's society in the topic. Companies are not only exposed to water scarcity, supply shortage or impacts of extreme weather events but also to transitional risks such as changes in technology and markets and new regulations that can increase business costs, affecting asset values and even the viability of products. 

Through the development of new technologies, business have the possibility to change the way they address climate change as an opportunity for innovation. The industrial CO2 emissions that were previously considered as waste are now being used to make new products, many of them with high added value and these new technologies are gaining momentum. The EU carbon prices of over 80 euros have also spurred commercial interest in some CCUS projects. PYROCO2 is one of these innovative projects. The project is receiving funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program to demonstrate the scalability and economic viability of carbon capture and utilization (CCU) using an innovative hybrid catalytic and bioprocess to produce climate-positive acetone out of industrial CO2 and green hydrogen. 

AXELERA is a member of the PYROCO2 consortium with the objective to facilitate the emergence of CCU projects at industrial scale in 4 European regions. The strategy will thereby explicitly expand well beyond the PYROCO2 technology to provide CO2 emitters with helpful information to facilitate investment decision on CCU projects (regulations, technologies, funding). The strategic intelligence bulletins will be published every 3 months. It aims to help the partners of the PYROCO2 consortium to make strategic decisions and to support the emergence of the CCU market also via broader dissemination, namely with the members of AXELERA cluster in order to 
engage them on the emergence of new CCU projects. The content of this document refers to information from the previous three months, however, some older data with added value can be considered. As CCU and CCS are strongly related for some projects, some publications about CCS which are relevant to the target audience are being included. Do not hesitate to send us any comments to improve this document by writing or sharing information that could be relevant for the next bulletin to marcos.versiani@axelera.org

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