Du lundi 24 avril 2023 à 09:00 au vendredi 28 avril 2023 à 14:30

9th International Congress On Ionic Liquids (COIL-9)

Mail ENS de Lyon - Site MONOD, 46, allée d'Italie
69007 LYON, France

COIL-9 aims at providing an open, frontier and efficient platform for outstanding scientists, engineers, and industrialists to discuss the ionic liquid fundamental science, green process innovation and industrial application.

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Register now for the 9th edition of COIL, the main event in the broad field of ionic liquid, taking place this year in Lyon, France.

COIL-9 aims to showcase the latest, exciting developments in ionic liquids and related fields. Because ionic liquids are unique and offer immense possibilities, they gather an interdisciplinary community concerned with materials and processes at the core of a broad range of technologies. This event aims to gather researchers from all areas where ionic liquids enable discovery and innovation guiding scientists and engineers from theory to reality.

The topics of COIL-9 combine fundamental and applied aspects of ionic liquids research:

  • Theory, simulation and properties
  • Electrochemistry and energy applications
  • Interfaces, functional materials and devices
  • Solvation and separations
  • Bonding, reactivity and catalysis
  • Bio-based materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
  • Spectroscopy, structure and dynamics
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