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Instantaneous detection of micropollutants in real time, 24/7, in urban or industrial waste water plants, drinking water plants and alert stations, thanks to the behavior videotracking of aquatic organisms: ToxMate.
We also offer rapid evaluation tests of sludge toxicity.

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Study, design and manufacture of image processing systems applied to ecotoxicology. On-line evaluation of the toxic quality of a discharge water, drinkable water before chloration and raw water.

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Initiated in 2014 by the FUI SMILE project labelled by Axelera, ViewPoint and the Ecotoxicology Laboratory of Irstea-Lyon have developed a station that assesses the toxic quality of releases online using video-tracking methods. This auto-monitoring is based on the analysis of the locomotor behaviour of three species of aquatic invertebrates representative of European hydrosystems, making it possible to detect a wide range of chemical contaminants and to provide a relevant assessment with regard to the receiving environment. This tool has proven its concept on industrial sites and now makes it possible to control the toxic quality of input water in the natural environment and can be used as a steering tool for industrial wastewater treatment plants.

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