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HYMAG'IN develops a breakthrough and sustainable process for the production of ultrafine powder of magnetite, a magnetic iron oxide. By upcycling fine ferrous waste produced in vast amounts by the steelmaking industry, HYMAG'IN proposes magnetite at large scale in a cost-effective way and promotes circular economy.

Compétences & savoir-faire

- Materials: mineralogy, geochemistry, characterisation, surface phenomena; - Upcycling of ferrous waste and by-products; - Mineral chemistry and decontamination.

Produits, technologies & services

HYMAG'IN provides magnetite powders with optimised properties for various applications: - Water and soil decontamination: filtration (adsorption) of heavy metals (arsenic, chromium, lead etc.) and some organic pollutants; chemical degradation (oxidation-reduction) of hexavalent chromium and some organic pollutants such as chlorinated compounds, pesticides, drug residues etc. - Functionalisation of plastics, foams, paints: black pigment, thermal properties, magnetic properties, RF absorption, EMI shielding.

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1270 rue de la Piscine,
1270 rue de la piscine
38400 Saint Martin D'heres