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BIOMANITY is developing the first 100% biobased and biodegradable Super Absorbent Polymer for agricultural use. It allows water retention of 100 to 1200g of water for 1g of SAP.

Placed at the roots of plants, it acts as a reservoir of water and fertilizer, releasing them in a controlled manner.

It has the characteristics equivalent to non-biodegradable or compostable SAPs, banned for use in soils in Europe since 10/2023. It meets the Reach regulation on microplastics.

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SAP BIOMANITY serves as a reservoir of water and fertilizer directly available to the roots of plants and makes it possible to develop precision agriculture through the controlled release of nutrient inputs.
It encapsulates conventional fertilizers but also biofertilizers and
biostimulants and makes it possible to improve yields by revitalizing soils and their biodiversity while reducing the consumption of 2 essential resources for agriculture: water, increasingly rare, and fertilizers, increasingly expensive and very polluting.
It responds to the challenges of the new European REACH regulations on microplastics and MFSC on the biodegradability of super-absorbent polymers, those of the decarbonization of fertilizers, soil pollution by inputs and water management in times of stress water

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