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• Manufacturer and supplier of industrial and medical gases,
• Supplier of associated production and implementation technologies,
• Manufacturer and supplier of "green" fuels: hydrogen, biomethane natural gas, compressed or liquefied,
• Supplier of corresponding production and implementation technologies (electrolysers, biogas purification, Recharging stations for vehicles, ...)

Compétences & savoir-faire

Engineering, gas analysis, materials analysis

Produits, technologies & services

• Industrial and medical gases,
• Main molecules: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, acetylene, argon, helium, krypton, xenon, nitrous oxide,
• Gas mixtures: for example calibration gas for analyzers,
• Energy: calories (steam) and refrigeration,
• All technologies for the production and implementation of medical and industrial gases.

Address :

Les Loges en Josas
20237 La Porta