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ÆGIR is a start-up created in 2015. Our mission is to help cities and industrials to reduce their impact on natural aquatic environment. To do so we help our clients to optimize the operation of their hydraulic structures

Compétences & savoir-faire

3D numerical modeling and simulation Fluid mechanics Instrumentation and site constraints Micro pollutant dispersion models Advice on effluent management

Produits, technologies & services

We work with our clients on the following subjects: • optimization of the operation of a hydraulic structure such as sewer system overflow, detention basin, optimization of conception and virtual interactive model: ensure the good behavior of the structure, design optimization and exploration of modification, visualization in operation. • optimization of sensors park and sensors placement in a structure: we study the real behavior of the water in the structures, search for the best sensor placement and create the operating law attached to each sensor. We focused our solution on easy to maintain, easy to exploit sensor and law. We keep in mind the security of operators in charge of the maintenance and the cost of it. • Flood risk management: we combine 1D and 3D models to visualize surface flow impact and analyze human and economical risks linked to sewer and rain overflows’

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227 Cours Lafayette,
69006 Lyon