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Adscientis is an innovative company specialized in Inverse Chromatography techniques for which it provides services, scientific expertise, software and instruments. These techniques are great for the characterization of the interaction potential of materials and their surfaces. Numerous industrial domains are concerned.

Compétences & savoir-faire

Adscientis meets the demand through its reactivity and tailored provided services :
One-time analyses for characterisation and quality control,
R&D projects to understand.

Produits, technologies & services

Consulting, expertise, feasibility,
Engineering & test validation Protocol,
BET surface area measurement.
Hansen Solubility Parameter (HSP),
IGC at Infinite Dilution measurement,
IGC at Infinite Dilution measurement on plate,
IGC at Finite Concentration measurement. Inverse liquid chromatography measurement,
Dedicated IGC softs, Training,
Analytical solutions : sequential and automated.

Address :

1 Rue Alfred Kastler,
68310 Wittelsheim