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ADDAIR is a specialist in air quality monitoring and aerosol metrology.
ADDAIR company and its collaborators accompany you throughout your steps and advise you on technical solutions most suited to your applications. After an advice and expertise phase, ADDAIR company trains you, installs equipment on site and provides after-sales service for your instrumentation. ADDAIR also offers specific studies and characterization services on site or at its laboratories.

Compétences & savoir-faire

- Environment
- Aerosol physics
- Automotive / aeronautical emissions
- Industrial / stack emissions
- Workplace
- Expertise and training
- Test benche
- R & D

Produits, technologies & services

- Sensors / reference analyzers for gas and dust in the ambient air
- Real-time analyzers of the chemical composition of gases and aerosols
- Dust samplers
- Gas and solid / liquid aerosols generators
- Gas and aerosol dilution system
- Conditioning and treatment of fumes
- Design of customized test benches
- On-site or laboratory characterization studies

Address :

189 Rue Audemars,
78530 Buc