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Activation is an independent company, founded in 2003 and specialized in process research and design of innovative technologies for maximizing industrial process performances. We support our customers from initial diagnostic to industrialization. In 2022, a new industrial site dedicated to continous flow production wil be open at Meyrié (close to Lyon). This will allow us to produce for our customers at commercial scale (10-100T/y).

Compétences & savoir-faire

- Expert in chemistry and catalysis (homogeneous, heterogeneous, UV-LED), Activation designs and develops demonstrators adapted to continuous flow chemistry.
- Expertise in chemical recycling of polymers (circular economy).
- Reactive extrusion.

Produits, technologies & services

In 2017 Activation built a new site in Chassieu (69) dedicated to automated continuous flow processes (dehydration, oligomerization, hydrogenation, hydroformylation…). We now design and build fit-for-purpose demonstrators. We can either operate them 24/7 for R&D and production or sell the equipment for implementation on your site. You buy more than a reactor as we guarantee chemical performances in your demonstrator. To bring to our customers a global solution for continuous flow production : software, equipment, catalyst shaping…

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69680 Chassieu