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Ablatom, integrator of elemental analysis solutions is an innovative company expert in LIBS technology. This laser chemical analysis technique is distinguished from other conventional techniques by its unique characteristics such as sensitivity, its speed, adaptability to the sample and its environment thus giving it a unique capacity for chemical surface characterization of materials and for real-time online chemical control.
From the laboratory to the industry, our tailor-made solutions enable our customers to increase their productivity, increase their competitiveness while expanding their field of exploration and their chemical analysis capabilities. Our team of multidisciplinary experts works on the entire customer need chain: from the technical feasibility study through the provision of chemical analysis and imaging to the development and design of tailor-made LIBS instruments. They provide full technical support, training and after-sales service.

Compétences & savoir-faire

- Chemical characterization,
- Optics,
- Materials,
- Instrumentation,
- Data processing Unique know-how in elemental analysis & imaging by Laser-Induced,
- Breakdown Spectroscopy.

Produits, technologies & services

With over 10 years of experience in the development and application of its laser technology in industry and scientific research, the ABLATOM's team provides to industry, analytical laboratories and research laboratories:
Technical feasibility study.
Development of elemental analysis methods.
Analysis and expertise services (catalysts–metals–mining samples–ceramics–glass samples–sediment–biological tissue,...).
Design and development of tailor-made chemical laser imaging and analysis instruments supported by training and maintenance services.

Address :

5 Rue de la Doua,
69100 Villeurbanne