Conférence internationale « La dynamique des écoulements à interfaces fluides – DEFI 2016 »

Quand : Du mer 12/10 à 11h00 au jeu 13/10 à 20h00

Où : IFP Energies nouvelles, Solaize

Qui : Public

Dans le cadre de ses Rencontres Scientifiques, IFP Energies nouvelles organise la conférence internationale « La dynamique des écoulements à interfaces fluides – DEFI 2016 » les 12 et 13 octobre 2016, sur son site de Solaize.

Designing industrial processes involving several fluid phases (gas or liquid) can be difficult due to the physico-chemical properties of the fluids: non-Newtonian fluids, presence of surface-active agents, contaminants, etc. These properties govern phenomena such as breakage/coalescence of bubbles or droplets, emulsion generation, foaming and the transfer of material through interfaces that are often deformable.

Understanding and modeling these simultaneous mechanisms are major challenges for predicting their impact on the performance of subsequent multiphase processes and for developing the most effective technological solutions.

DEFI aims to address the coupling of the different mechanisms at work in multiphase industrial flows (hydrodynamics, transfer(s), physical chemistry, etc.) by combining the disciplines concerned, in order to improve the tools and methods for developing processes. Different approaches (experimental, numerical) and different scales (micro/meso/macro) are concerned.

This international event also aims to promote discussion between participants from different environments (academic and industrial), addressing applications as diverse as chemical processes, water treatment, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), biotechnologies, energy production, plastic processing, food production and cosmetics.


Main topics
• Bubbly flows, foams and emulsions
• Phase distribution in presence of surfactants
• Complex rheology
• Population balance and multiscale approaches
• Deformation of interfaces
• Process innovation
• Advances in numerical and experimental approaches


Already confirmed Keynote speakers
• D. Marchisio, Politecnico Univ. Torino, Italy
• O. Masbernat, LGC, France
• J. Vermant, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Z.D. Gunès, Nestlé, Switzerland