Lab tours: C2P2 AND IMP@INSA

Last month’s Axelera Thursday meeting was preceded by tours of two labs: C2P2 (Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers, and Processes), and IMP@INSA (Polymer Materials Engineering), both at INSA’s LyonTech-La Doua campus. Axelera organized the tours.

Around ten people (in two groups) participated in tours of two Axelera member labs. The tours took place from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., just before the Axelera Thursday meeting that evening.

 Christophe Boisson, CNRS Research Director & Head of the Polymerization Chemistry and Processes team, and Tim McKenna, CNRS Research Director & Director of the Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers, and Processes (C2P2) Lab, greeted the participants and gave a presentation and guided tour of C2P2.

The participants then moved on to IMP@INSA, where Etienne Fleury, Director of IMP@INSA and member of the teaching faculty, and Jannick Duchet, Associate Director of IMP@INSA and also a member of the teaching faculty, gave a presentation and tour of the facility.


C2P2 (Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers, and Processes) lab tour

Research at C2P2 mainly focuses on the use of basic chemistry, catalysis, and reaction engineering to enhance our capacity to produce organic compounds (including polymers), inorganic compounds, and composite materials. The lab also develops processes for producing these materials.

One of the lab’s teams works on topics that combine organometallic chemistry, surface science, and nanomaterials; the other team looks at polymerization chemistry, including olefin polymerization catalysis, polycondensation, and free- and controlled-radical polymerization.



IMP@INSA (Polymer Materials Engineering) LAB TOUR

Research at IMP@INSA concerns polymer materials chemistry, from formulation and rheology through to production and implementation processes. The lab also uses simulation methods to look at the physical behavior of polymers, studies natural polymers and bio artificial materials, and polymers at the interface of the life sciences.