Societal projects

Axelera is committed to driving societal advances through initiatives like the Circular Evolution MOOC. This free open online course teaches students about the circular economy. There’s also the serious game Mission à Carbone City, designed to raise middle-school students’ awareness of the current and future challenges facing the chemical and environmental sectors.



MOOC Circular evolution


Axelera is a partner in the Circular Evolution MOOC, a massive open online course offering learning modules with video content, quizzes, and other assessments. This innovative course on the circular economy will take place over several seasons. It is designed to give learners an introduction to a new, collaborative economic model so they can include this model in their future approaches to business.







Mission à Carbone City


An Axelera school outreach initiative, the serious game Mission à Carbone City was developed in 2008–2009 and implemented in 2010–2011 to:

  • Raise middle-school students’ and teachers’ awareness of the growing importance of the chemical and environmental sectors
  • Encourage students to pursue careers in these fields
  • Involve a quarter of the region’s middle schools over four years (around 100 schools)