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One of Axelera’s main missions is to create and maintain an active network for all chemical and environmental sector stakeholders. Events like our emblematic Axelera Thursday meetings, launched at the cluster’s inception, are an important part of our mission. Newer resources, like our digital communications tools, also play a key role. 

axelera thursdays, the cluster’s flagship event

Our Axelera Thursday meetings, which have been up and running since 2006, are the cluster’s flagship networking event. Held three times per year, these meetings bring in representatives of all our member categories from small and mid-sized businesses to large companies and corporations, research labs and training centers, financing partners, institutional members, and government.

Each meeting is held in a different venue to reflect the full diversity of Axelera’s ties to organizations across the region. Meetings generally bring in around 100 attendees and follow a similar format:

  • Plenary meeting: nine new Axelera members each do a three-slide, three-minute presentation of their organization; these are followed by two to three ten- to fifteen-minute presentations related to the meeting’s location and/or topic; finally, an Axelera representative presents upcoming events for the next quarter
  • Cocktail reception: for informal networking
  • Speed networking: organized during the cocktail reception, to provide more focused networking opportunities; appointments are scheduled in advance via the Axelera members-only extranet on a request/accept basis

Certain Axelera Thursday meetings are preceded by tours of industrial and research facilities in the region.

networking resources for members

Axelera members get access to the following online networking resources:

  • Online member directory with multicriteria search engine (text-based, by type, by area of expertise, by industry or market, or by geographical location).
  • Monthly newsletter to keep up to date with the latest Axelera news and recent developments in the chemical and environmental sectors.

Members-only extranet to quickly and easily find events of interest and register, view slides and summaries of past events, browse calls for projects, access Axelera member contact details, and download useful documentation and the Axelera communication toolkit. It keeps members abreast of recent regulatory, technological and market developments and they can also submit their own news for publication on the extranet.