International partnerships

Axelera has partnerships with five clusters across Europe. These partnerships were set up to raise Axelera’s international profile and boost cooperation with partner clusters (Chemie Cluster Bayern, Environment Park, Green Business Norway, GreenWin, and Nepic).







This non-profit organization financed by the German state of Bavaria was set up to foster cooperation between chemical corporations and strengthen chemical-industry stakeholders’ ties with first- and second-tier customers, R&D providers, research institutes, and universities.

Main industries addressed:

  • Polymer chemistry and biochemistry
  • Chemicals used in the construction industry
  • Innovative, smart, and/or functionalized surfaces






 environment park

Environment Park is part of the innovation strategy for Italy’s Piedmont region. The cluster was set up to build bridges between research and industry through initiatives like:

  • Identifying the region’s needs to develop new, environmentally-friendly technologies
  • Monitoring changes in technical regulations
  • Setting up applied research projects in partnership with research institutes and businesses
  • Networking to foster innovative partnerships
  • Sharing information like technology-related best practices

Dans le cadre de ses secteurs opérationnels (observatoires et laboratoires technologiques), le parc exerce des activités dans les domaines suivants :







Green Business Norway (GBN) brings together around 50 companies specializing in renewable energy and environmental technologies.

The cluster’s activities are based mainly in southeastern Norway, but its members are located throughout the country.

GBN was set up to support Norwegian businesses in their environmental technology R&D and renewable energy production strategies with the broader goal of penetrating international markets.







GreenWin focuses on improving the product lifecycle through more efficient use of raw materials and energy, mainly through recycling and use of renewable resources. The cluster addresses major technological challenges like sustainable chemistry, chemical-based energy storage technologies, reducing CO2 emissions, sustainable construction, and waste and effluent management and recycling into new raw materials.

GreenWin’s members include companies of all sizes, universities, research centers, educational institutions, training providers, and government agencies, all involved in the green economy and all interested in opportunities to work collaboratively, sharing know-how and resources.




 NEPIC (United Kingdom)



NEPIC (North East Process Industry Cluster) is located in Wilton-Teesside in the north east of England and counts more than 380 member companies spanning the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries and around 150 companies operating in chemical-using industries.

The cluster supports businesses in six ways: 

  • marketing and networking
  • skills and education
  • trade and investment
  • research and technology
  • manufacturing and productivity
  • closure of the GDP gap with other UK regions