SCOT Final Conference

When:Wed 29/06

Where:Square - Brussels Meeting Centre rue Mont des Arts, Glass Entrance Brussels, Belgium


On the 29th of June, SCOT will have its closing conference. It will be a major milestone of the SCOT project.

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Carbon Dioxide Utilisation:
Catalyst for a European Industrial Renaissance

The SCOT team will first present its Vision together with state of the art CO2 utilisation in Europe and around the world. This will be followed by presentations of the Strategic European Research and Innovation Agenda and Joint Action Plan and dedicated panel discussions with EU experts with a known reputation as thought leaders in the CO2 Utilisation field.  

During the morning session, the CO2 recycling community will gather key industrial and academic players in order to discuss the SERIA and the next steps necessary to implement the Joint Action Plan.

During the afternoon session, we will discuss with European and regional policy makers what can be done from a policy perspective to allow the industrial deployment of these technologies.  

The purpose of the panels is to come up with recommendations on:

  • How to overcome the main technical hurdles to make a success of CCU in Europe?
  • The Economics of CCU:  How to make a profitable business case from CCU?
  • How to move from smart policy to industrial reality?
  • How an appropriate EU regulatory framework will facilitate the development of CCU?


Registration is now open, so don’t wait to sign up in order to take part of this closure event!

There is a limited amount of free tickets available for students and PhD students. For more information, please contact