Ninth international Novatech conference

When:From Tue 28/06 to 11h00 to Fri 01/07 to 20h00

Where:INSA Lyon -Bâtiment "Pierre de Fermat", Domaine scientifique de la Doua, 20 avenue Albert Einstein, 69100 Villeurbanne


The international Novatech conference addresses strategies and solutions for the sustainable management of city water and, specifically, rainwater. The event will feature leading professionals from a broad range of fields and will foster new connections between stakeholders and promote cross-disciplinary approaches. Axelera is a partner of this event.

Why you should attend

Novatech will feature leading professionals from a broad range of fields.

A slate of scientists, policymakers, managers, and technicians from France and other countries will be at the event both to give updates and learn about the latest research, innovation, and trends over the horizon. They will share their diverse experiences in areas both technical and strategy-related.

Novatech will foster new connections between stakeholders and promote cross-disciplinary approaches.

Attendees will include water managers—in charge of water treatment and aquatic ecosystem management—and development professionals—city planners, builders, landscapers, architects, and sociologists—around a common interest: local development and management. The conference will promote the emergence of a shared water-management culture, facilitate knowledge transfer, and inspire new practices.

Key figures from Novatech 2013

  • 545 attendees from 35 countries
  • 1/3 scientists
  • 1/3 local government representatives
  • 1/3 private-sector professionals
  • 210 talks
  • 3 specialist workshops
  • Top-name guests at the opening lecture
  • 3 days of talks
  • 1 Novatech Awards ceremony
  • 5 interactive workshops
  • 3 technical site tours and 1 city walk


Attend Novatech Lyon 2016

Contribute to the future of water management

Attending the 9th Novatech conference is a way to help build new knowledge and inspire new practices for more integrated, sustainable city water management. It is your research, projects, and experiences that will shape the conference.

Showcase your projects and know-how

There are many ways to contribute and share the results of your work. The organizers will promote your talks by including them in the post-conference proceedings and on the event website. Specialized scientific and technical publications could also cover your contributions.


Novatech is a unique opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the practices in place in cities worldwide in areas like city planning, development, and incentive policies to encourage effective city water management. You will get a chance to learn about the latest, most innovative technical solutions integrating the latest research for sustainable city water management, spanning issues like flood, pollution, and public health risk prevention.

This year some 200 papers, lectures, and posters representing research and practices in around 30 countries (one-third in Europe) are expected. Around 60% of the content will be scientific in nature; around 50% will be based on actual experiences in the field.


  • Plenary talks presenting broader perspectives on sustainable city water management
  • The Novatech Awards, to recognize innovative city rainwater management development and integration projects and projects taking into account climate change while responding to the demand for urban renewal
  • Workshops offering more informal communication
  • Technical site visits and city walks to illustrate some of the new ideas presented