Franco-Chinese Green Chemistry Conference: FC2G-CHEM 2016 Lyon

When:From Mon 09/05 to Fri 13/05

Where:LyonTech-la-Doua Campus, INSA Lyon, 43, boulevard du 11 novembre 1918, Villeurbanne (Lyon)

Who:Axelera members

Registration deadline:Fri 22/04


are now closed

Axelera is a partner of the Franco-Chinese Conference on Green Chemistry “A Better Chemistry for a Better Life” (FC2G-Chem).

The FC2G-Chem conference, organized under the aegis of the French and Chinese Academies of Science, will feature more than 100 French and Chinese scientists from academia and industrial R&D. This interdisciplinary event will bring together specialists in organic chemistry, catalysis, theoretical chemistry, and process and materials chemistry.

The lecturers will include several members of both countries’ Academies and other international-caliber institutions.


The organizers, Yves Queneau, Laurent Bonneviot, Yanlong Gu, and Ming-Yuan He, will give ten Axelera members the opportunity to attend this private event.

If you are interested in one of the ten available slots, please contact Philippe Le Thuaut by April 22, 2016..