EU projects

Axelera earned the European Cluster Excellence Initiative Gold Label in 2014 and is active in the EU SCOT (Smart CO2 Transformation) project, and the EU PPP SPIRE (Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency).

european cluster excellence initiative gold label

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Axelera earned the European Cluster Excellence Initiative Gold Label in June 2014. The label, an initiative of the European Commission Enterprise and Industry DG, certifies the cluster’s excellence in strategy, governance, member services, and the promotion and development of innovation.

To date, just ten clusters in France and 50 across Europe have earned this prestigious label.



GREENCAP project

Funded by the Interreg MED European program for a period of three years (2016-2019), GREENCAP aims to ensure the cohesion and capitalization of the results of six “modular” projects renewable energy projects. .

This objective will be pursued by creating links among different consortia that could share results of activity results afferent the same fields of competence, thus widening the targets achieved by individual projects through the complementarity of skills and the sharing of results.

The main results of the project will be the creation of a MED renewable energy community, the development of synergies between projects and  the analysis, management, dissemination and capitalization of modular projects results.

To this end, the project plans to produce common and easy-to-use communication materials, participate in thematic events and expand existing thematic networks dedicated to renewable energy in the islands and rural areas.

These activities will also involve actors other than the modular project partners in order to create the conditions and links to exploit and use the results of different projects  results at a larger scale. The expected change will be to increase the impact that each project can achieve thanks to the immediate multiplication of the targets reached and the growth of the expertise gained by comparing the results obtained with different approaches.


The modular projects of the MED renewable energy community are:

  • PRISMI – Promotion of renewable energy sources integration in smart Mediterranean islands
  • COMPOSE – Increase of the share of local renewable energy sources in energy mix strategies and plans
  • ForBioEnergy – Forest bioenergy in Mediterranean protected
  • STORES –  Promotion of photovoltaic production and storage, mainly in the residential sector
  • LOCAL4GREEN – Local green fiscal policies to promote the production and consumption of renewables
  • PEGASUS – Promotion of microgrids in islands and rural areas


GREENCAP project partners are:

  • Bistra Ptuj Scientific Research Centre (Slovenia)
  • Patras Science Park, Scientific and Technological Park  (Greece)
  • Environment Park, Scientific and Technological Park  for the Environment (Italy)
  • BCNecologia – Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona (Spain)
  • ZEDA –Zenica Economic Development Agency  (Bosnia Herzegovina)





eu scot project

logo projet SCOT

Axelera and Belgium-based GreenWin are heading this EU project on CO2 transformation, which is financed by the Seventh Framework Programme. A total of five regions in Europe are represented among the project partners. The project’s objective is to determine Europe’s strategic agenda for CO2 transformation. The project kicked off in 2014, and two phases were completed that same year: a report on the state of the art in CO2 transformation in Europe and a socioeconomic analysis of the main alternatives for CO2 transformation.



Public-private partnership SPIRE


Axelera has been involved in working groups under the EU PPP SPIRE (Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency) since 2013. This project aims to develop new sustainable, economically-competitive manufacturing processes that make better use of resources and have less of an impact on the environment. In May 2014 Axelera participated in a brokerage event; in October of that same year the cluster attended an infoday in Brussels.