Business and International Development

Axelera runs a number of programs to help its members grow their businesses and expand internationally. These include tech transfer support to get new innovations developed under Axelera-certified R&D projects to market, recommendations for services provided by Axelera partners, promotion at trade shows and business conventions, and help securing private-sector financing.

getting new innovations to marketS


The Axelera Business Club, or ABC, is the cluster’s business networking organization set up to help build win-win partnerships for its members. All Axelera member businesses can participate.

The ABC meets three times per year. Each meeting brings in around 70 attendees. A variety of relevant topics are addressed, usually in the following formats:

  • Structured discussions between ABC members
  • Meetings with stakeholders from members’ target markets
  • Workshops and panel talks
  • Matching supply with demand for targeted know-how
  • Networking

recommendations for partner services

Axelera also steers members towards partner services appropriate for their needs:

  • Support services through the Rhône-Alpes regional small-business program
  • Support for small to mid-sized businesses through the FMC (a chemical industry foundation)
  • Operational support from the economic intelligence service of the Greater Lyon Area Chamber of Commerce with the support of the Rhône-Alpes regional government; businesses located in Greater Lyon are eligible for this service

    Plan PMEFondation de la Maison de la ChimieCCI Lyon Métropole

promotion of member companies at trade shows and business conventions

Axelera showcases and promotes member companies at trade shows and business conventions in France and internationally, usually by organizing group exhibit booths or Axelera villages at industry events like:

  • Pollutec Lyon and Paris: group exhibition booth
  • Achema Frankfurt: group exhibition booth on the theme “The Chemical and Environmental Industry in France’s Rhône-Alpes Region”
  • JEC Europe in Paris: group exhibition booth on the theme “Composites in the Rhône-Alpes Region” in partnership with clusters Techtera and Plastipolis
  • PCH Meetings (convention for the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries) and WASTE Meetings (convention for waste management and the circular economy), both in the Greater Lyon area: Axelera villages

international partner and intercluster trips

Axelera also organizes international trips with cluster partners and other clusters, both in France and further afield.

Axelera member companies are eligible to participate in these trips, which are set up to provide opportunities to meet with potential partners from industry and research, tour state-of-the-art facilities, and meet with local government officials.

support securing private-sector financing

Axelera helps member companies secure private-sector financing through two initiatives:

  • A Taste for Funding workshops offered in partnership with BNP-Paribas; these workshops are generally attended by around 25 people and provide an overview of how private-sector financing works and what private-sector financers are looking for.
    accompagnement au financement
  • The Axelera Invest Club (AIC) set up in 2014 which brings together representatives of investment funds, angel investors, and banks; the AIC is tasked with granting the Innovative Cluster Company label to members, making introductions between these companies and private investors, and providing a forum for investors to share best practices