The Axel’One Collaborative Innovation Platform

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The Axel’One collaborative innovation platform is unique in France. Axelera created Axel’One to give stakeholders across the chemical and environmental sectors an exciting new way to advance their R&D strategies.


innovative processes and materials at axel’one

Axel’One focuses on two priority research areas: innovative processes and materials. Companies and R&D project teams, whether all-French or European in scope, can set up shop at Axel’One, where they receive the support they need to succeed. Axel’One opened its doors in 2012 to provide shared-access research facilities for use by academic research scientists, small businesses, and industrial corporations operating in the chemical and environmental sectors. The research carried out at Axel’One spans the entire innovation cycle, from basic scientific research to industrial scale-up. The goal is to rise to the challenges of today’s markets in areas where the region’s stakeholders already possess demonstrated strengths. These include energy efficiency, process optimization, lightweight materials, and bio-based materials.

An open platform for all innovation stakeholders

All innovation stakeholders in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region are eligible to use the Axel’One platform. The platform’s open-access policy was developed to:

  1. Strengthen cooperation between scientific research and industrial R&D
  2. Firmly anchor the region’s chemical companies in the local economy
  3. Offer services to attract businesses to the region
  4. Build on the region’s renowned leadership in science

As of 2014, Axel’One offered 8,500 sq. m of space and was home to ten collaborative R&D projects and nine small businesses occupying 25% of the total available space. The platform also had four shared technology labs and welcomed 100 people working on site. These figures are expected to double by end-2016.

interaction with three flagship facilities in lyon

Axel’One offers services across the Greater Lyon area through partnerships: each Axel’One lab is backed by one of the founding partners’ existing R&D facilities. These facilities operate independently. However, each contributes expertise in specific technologies to an innovation ecosystem that benefits all users.

  • The Axel’One Campus, located on the LyonTech-la Doua campus in Villeurbanne, will be dedicated to small-scale lab experimentation and basic research. It is slated to open in 2017.

The Innovative Processes and Innovative Materials labs located in Chemical Valley just outside of Lyon offer facilities for scaling-up technologies and processes for industrial rollout.

  • The Innovative Processes lab (PPI), located in Solaize, opened in January 2013 and is backed by the IFP Energies nouvelles R&D center.
  • The Innovative Materials lab (PMI), located in Saint-Fons, opened in February 2014 and is backed by the Solvay R&D center.



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