22/03/2016 Zoom projet


The Cyclops project was set up to develop new wireless sensors leveraging ISFET technology.

The pH or concentration of another ion can be measured by using two specific ion sensors (including H+). Integrating the technology into the smartPARTs self-powering wireless measurement system would make it possible to take key measurements at the core of blended fluids.

The project kicked off in September 2015 and will run for 30 months.


Two SMBs are partnering on this project:

  • Microsens, a Swiss company specializing in ISFET design
  • smartINST, a Lyon-based company specializing in the design of connected in situ measurement solutions for in-tank processes

The team is drawing on its advanced know-how in metrology, signal analysis, and underwater RF communication to develop innovative solutions to take measurements at the core of fluids in real time. They are working on both the product and associated processes.



The sensors being developed will help provide a deeper understanding of in-tank processes, ultimately shortening development times, optimizing blend times, and reducing production waste.

The new systems will be of interest to academic and industrial research and development labs, as well as to manufacturing and testing facilities where analyzing and controlling blends are crucial; these include biotech, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, and food manufacturers.



Céline Vinson
Responsable Commerciale