Curium (formerly Maintenance Service Environnement) has been offering environmental project management services since 1994. The company’s know-how encompasses a broad range of chemical hazards, including toxic, corrosive, inflammable, and explosive chemicals and combustion agents, radiological hazards, and biological hazards.

Curium has become a trusted partner for the following services:

  • 24-hour emergency response unit for gas, bromine, hydrobromic acid, mercury, and other chemical accidents.
  • Emptying and inerting gas systems (ammonia, DMA, non-odorized propane, etc.).
  • Decontaminating ultra-clean processes (pharmaceutical and microelectronics industries).
  • Site depollution (surface waste): sorting, identification, and reconditioning.
  • Diagnostics for substance identification purposes; contamination diagnostics.
  • General contracting assistance.

Curium offers consulting services to assist prime contractors (including French environment and energy management agency ADEME; contract pending) with site diagnostic and depollution projects. These projects entail identifying the contaminants and pollutants at a site and issuing recommendations prior to starting depollution works. The company conducts studies to identify waste (solid, liquid, and effluents), takes and tests samples, and conducts further studies on how to remove or recycle, recondition, and transport waste.

The company possesses a multilingual team of experts and serves customers in France, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Albania, Gabon, and Senegal.