Our featured member for May is Conidia, a specialist in environmental biology services for industry.

Established in 2005, Conidia develops and carries out microbiological tests for specific applications.

The company’s business model is distinctly customer-focused. The services delivered leverage innovative molecular biology and image analysis capabilities to respond to environmental management needs. Over the past decade, Conidia has received several innovation awards, including the Lyon, France Chamber of Commerce’s Novad’Or distinction.






Conidia helps building materials manufacturers develop new products that integrate microbial activity and researches bio-based materials. The company also contributes to site and soil remediation projects by providing actionable data (such as comparative analyses of different depollution methods in the lab) that can be used to develop management plans.

Today, air quality is a major concern. Conidia is developing microbiological tests (in situ, laboratory, and test bench) to validate the effectiveness of air purification systems.

Conidia subsidiary Coniphy is developing methods to monitor the effects of fungicides on plant health.