14/04/2016 adhérent


This month, Axelera member BGene will be featured on the Axelera website. The startup, founded in 2014, specializes in obtaining and optimizing bacteria used in bioproduction and R&D.

A multi-use technology

BGene’s technology can be used to create bacterial strains that produce stable molecules of interest without the need for antibiotics. The company serves the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries.

Automation a key development priority

BGene is currently raising capital and would like to use the influx of funds to fuel process automation to reduce lead times for obtaining bioproduction strains, improve yields, and transfer the technology to other organisms like yeasts and molds. The company would like to develop a fully-automated high-throughput facility to create the strains used in industrial fermentation, and is seeking partnerships with manufacturers to ensure that the development work underway takes into account their needs.




Stéphanie Penaud, Phd

Business Developper


+33 4 56 52 08 75