Artelia is one of Europe’s leading independent engineering firms.

The company reports annual revenue of €435 million (one-third on international markets) and employs more than 3,700 people. Artelia provides engineering, project management, and consulting services for the building construction, water, energy, environment, industry, maritime, transportation, urban development, and multi-site project markets. The company can also provide brownfield remediation services like polluted site and soil studies (history, diagnostics, environmental and health risk assessments, modelling, management plans) and depollution engineering and waste management project management or prime contracting. Artelia also possesses know-how in dismantling, asbestos abatement, waste management, geotechnical and geothermal engineering, biodiversity, landscaping, regulatory, road and utility works, urban redevelopment, and public-private partnerships to provide innovative, sustainable solutions that respond to its customers’ cost, regulatory, social, and deadline requirements.

An Artelia rehabilitation project before and after :