24/03/2016 Actualités adhérents


This month, Axelera member Afyren is featured on the Axelera website. The company recently won an Innovation 2030 Worldwide Challenge award and represented green chemistry at COP 21.

Afyren was founded in 2012 and specializes in the bioproduction of molecules of interest for the chemical, food, and related industries.

The company’s process was developed with the environment in mind; only non-genetically-modified microorganisms are used.


Nearly a decade of R&D

Afyren invested in nearly a decade of R&D to develop an innovative biorefinery process that can be transposed worldwide and that uses non-food biomass (farming industry byproducts).

Scale-up and business development

Afyren is currently scaling up its technology for industrial rollout with a test production phase of batches that will be used by future customers. In parallel, the company is pursuing its business development efforts. Afyren is now actively seeking partnerships for the distribution and use of its bio-based molecules.


Le bio-réacteur d'AFYREN



Nicolas Sordet