Innovation Support Services

Axelera supports its members’ innovation strategies from idea to market. Let us help you identify a potential innovation, certify your R&D project, get it up and running, track progress, and get your new product, process, or service to market.

identifying innovations

Axelera has created a range of services to help you get your innovation projects off the ground:

  • Regularly-scheduled events like technical conferences and networking meetings to put you in touch with people relevant to your project
  • Brainstorming workshops at our technical conferences
  • Strategy Committee meetings focusing on one of our five priority R&D areas
  • Support transferring new technologies from academic labs to industrial R&D centers

project certification and engineering

Axelera delivers in-depth knowledge of all aspects of project engineering to help members get their R&D projects up and running

  • Certification by Axelera’s expert project certification committee
  • Identification of the most appropriate sources of financing: the French Single Interministerial Fund, the French National Research Agency, the French National Energy Agency, Innov’R funds from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional government, French government PSPC funds for cluster-certified projects deemed likely to help establish an emerging industry, EU funds, and more
  • Assistance identifying and setting up meetings with potential partner
  • Operational project engineering support

tracking progress and transferring results from lab to factory

Axelera also plays an important role tracking project progress and ensuring the results make it out of the lab and into the factory.

  • Liaising with project financing partners
  • A Taste for Innovation workshops: 
  • Covering collaborative R&D project consortium agreements and intellectual property
  • Facilitated by attorney Franck Robert, an expert in contract law and new technologies
  • Offered in partnership with clusters Lyonbiopôle, Minalogic, and Tenerrdis
  • Presentations of completed projects:
    – To promote the scientific, technological, and business results of Axelera-certified R&D projects
    – Attended by project partners (technical and financial) and industrial companies identified as having an interest in the products, technologies, and services developed under the project 
  • Project promotion:
    – At Axelera events like the technical conferences and Axelera Thursday meetings
    – By giving talks at trade shows and conventions such as Pollutec and PCH Meetings
    – In the cluster’s communications like the annual activity report, website, and newsletter

getting new innovations to market

Axelera helps get the products and technologies developed under our members’ Axelera-certified R&D projects to market through initiatives like:

  • Completed project presentation meetings
  • Technical conferences