BIOKET 2018 – Call for paper

BIOKET 2018′ is the first international conference dedicated to innovative bio-based solutions and processes to be held in Strasbourg on March 6th-8th. The BIOKET 2018’ s committee is calling for paper.

Biomass is a wonderful resource to be transformed into chemicals, biobased materials, food and feed ingredients or energy. Still, adaptation and optimisation of transformation processes and technologies is a real challenge in order to valorise all biomass fraction in a circular approach. 

In the context of Industry 4.0, the circular economy and the need for an optimal valorisation of renewable resources, BIOKET is the only European conference dedicated to bio-based technologies and processes.

It will focus on innovation in processes for biomass conversion using emerging technologies, minimizing waste production and optimizing economics of the overall OPEX. It will be an excellent opportunity for all experts to discuss and share about these emerging and key enabling technologies.

Call for Papers:

You are invited to contribute to the conference for a 20 minutes presentation.

Presentations must be related to the following topics covered by BIOKET:

  • Advanced and innovative biomass pretreatment, physical and thermochemical pretreatment, densification, fractionation
  • Technologies for biomass conversion and functionalization
  • Extraction, separation and purification of biomass
  • Process modelization and analytical methods and tools – in situ characterization techniques
  • Innovative tools: enzymatic and metabolic engineering, synthetic biology and bionanotechnology
  • Design of bioprocesses, advanced fermentation

Abstract submissions:

Format: Word or PDF (preferred); max. 2 pages and 500 words (without tables, figures, equations or references).

Abstract should clearly indicate

  • Presentation title
  • Company’s name
  • Speaker’s name, function and a short biography

All abstracts must be sent to: deconinck@iar-pole.com

Deadline for submission: September 29, 2017

The submitted abstracts will be subject to peer review

For more information: BIOKET’s Call for Papers